Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pictures .. Wahdan reveals details of the Africa Cup Shooting

وهدان  يكشف تفاصيل بطولة أفريقيا للرماية

Revealed Medhat Wahdan Chairman of the Federation Shooting Championships Details of the shooting, which Africa Tstdvha Egypt pyramid fields Shooting Club, in the middle of next October, and qualified to the 2012 London Olympics during a press conference held at the Rowing Club, on Saturday.
The conference was attended by a group of journalists, led by Issam Shaltout the seventh day the managing editor, and critic Sports Jamal Assi, Yasser Ayoub, media consolidation and Khalid, Saif Zahir, Lotfi Alsagaan.
Participate in the tournament 137 Ramya and aimed at competing for ten seats in the London Olympics, representing 7 countries in Africa are Kenya, South Africa, Tunisia, Sudan, Senegal, Algeria, in addition to Egypt, the state organization of the tournament, qualify as the top ten in the competitions Ten tournament to the London Olympics, including five contests for shooting gun and the same for the pistol.
Announced Wahdan in the conference tournament schedule which includes the arrival of the delegations on 15 October and in the second and third testing day weapons and then the fourth day witnessing the training is free for archers on the fifth day examination of the weapons in saluting kicks off the competition from the sixth day until the departure of the delegations in 25 Z of the same month.
Congress has honored all of the players unite Zahir Ahmed and Mona Hawary players and national team who finished first and the last African Championship to qualify for the 2012 London Olympic Games and their coach Alomirky and Lloyd Wood House.


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